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Bhujhangy’ meaning child, a name established for 2 very young brothers in 1964, Balbir and Dalbir.  However, this journey wasn’t easy and started in a small town called Smethwick in Birmingham.  In 1964, Balbir and Dalbir was called the Bhujhangy Jhata at their local Sikh temple (Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick).  There, they met a music teacher Mr Darshan Singh Bhogal, who taught Sikh history, alongside teaching young students the Indian tabla and harmonium.  The ‘Bhujhangy’ brothers, started to sing religious hymns accompanied by the tabla and harmonium across the UK temples and became a very famous young group.  These young students became very talented and confident and formed ‘Bhujhangy Group’ meaning “Children Group”.  They understood the sikh history, studied classical music and studied all panjabi folk songs.  They mainly performed at the Smethwick Gurdwara Sikh temple, which was the first Gurdwara built in Europe – and this is where their journey began.

Singing in temples has always been the forefront of Bhujhangy’s career.  As their voices projected, so did their audience.  From all over UK, Bhujhangy had thousands of fans wanting to hear this fresh sound which was broadcasting even from outside the Sikh temple, as there were so many people attending at one time.  In 1967, Balbir & Dalbir Bhujhangy was performing on stages, weddings and functions.  In 1967, they recorded their very own EP called ‘Teri Chiti Nu Parah’ in Uxbridge, London Studio’s with producers Sukhi and Gurnam.  100 copies of this EP was recorded and distributed in local Jukeboxes around the Midlands by hand; played in local pubs.  Late 1968, Bhujhangy Group went to Star Agencies OSA where we handed our EP to be released on the company label.

As time went on, Balbir and the late Dalbir Singh Khanpur used their experiences from their homeland of India and UK to build a foundation in the UK as Pioneers of Bhangra Music in the UK.  They continued to release over 300 songs which were a mixture of Religious Songs, Gurbani Shabads, Quwalli and Panjabi/Urdu Gazals, panjabi folk songs, Hindi songs, Classical songs and Panjabi Bhangra music.

For over 50 years, Balbir Bhujhangy has been performing on stage and has been awarded the ‘Longest running Bhangra band in the UK’ by the Guinness Book of World Records and also the ‘Pioneer of Bhangra Music in the UK’.

Thank you to Bhujhangy fans for their continue support for over 50 years……


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